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Are you struggling to sell stories in stories to the newspapers, consumer or trade press? Do you find it impossible to track down a certain editor? Do your email pitches often go unanswered? Are you at a loss as to how a busy newsroom operates in this day and age? 

If the answer is yes to any of the above, my ‘Think Like an Editor’ media training sessions and bespoke workshops could be for you. As a journalist with 20 years’ experience across the national and trade press, I know the golden ingredients that will light up the eyes of an editor. 

I can help by

Educating you on the way a newsroom operates and the best time and way to pitch.

Teaching you how to identify angles that will land and how to avoid common mistakes.

Equipping you with the skills needed to become a pitching whizz.

Teaching you how to write press releases and email pitches that get results.

Did you know that most journalists receive approximately 500 plus emails a day?! Most are deleted without being read.

Revealing what you should be looking for when hiring a celebrity brand ambassador or case study and what you need to avoid.

Telling you the best way to build and keep relationships with journalists (and how to become that golden PR on speed dial).

Revealing the common mistakes made by PRs, how to avoid them and the dos and don’ts when approaching journalists.

Identifying where journalists hang out today and how they source expert comment.


Choose from two-hour media masterclasses or bespoke one-day workshops, or, alternatively, build a package based on your exact requirements. 

My ‘Tell Me How’ telephone consultancy for agencies is also popular with agencies in need of urgent feedback on a problematic pitch or advice on working with a celebrity ambassador. 

As well as equipping you with the skills needed to succeed, my goal is for each session to be fun and interactive, as well as informative. To find out more, book a free 15-minute call HERE 


“Helen has her finger on the pulse. Her approach is fun, fresh, relevant and real and she’s enormously relatable.  Her fantastic training session was packed with practical examples across both print, digital, consumer and trade press. Her insider knowledge on how to work with journalists and develop pitches inspired and upskilled the team so much, that she was later invited to back to host a bespoke one-day training workshop.”
Reena Bajwa, former account director, Virgo Health 

“Helen instinctively knows what’s needed to generate stand out media coverage. Her experience and knowledge were invaluable and we all got so much out of her training day.”
Heather Hopkin, former account director, Road Communications

“I find it so helpful to understand what PRs are doing wrong, how to avoid those mistakes, and how to make sure I’m being as useful as I can to journalists.”
Senior account manager, corporate, Pegasus PR

“I wrote a feature today based on Helen’s tips, they were so helpful and I feel so much more confident now on gauging what journalists want.”
Account manager, food, Pegasus PR

“This training was fundamental to all JAE/AE and SAE team members. Really helpful to understand more about the media landscape.”
Account director, Pegasus PR


Are you looking to generate coverage but can’t afford to hire big PR agencies? Would you like to learn the secrets of the trade?  I’ve recently expanded the services I offer above to small businesses and brands. If you’re starting out in media relations and needs some tailored support, please feel free to drop me a line or book a free 15-minute call HERE

“I met Helen at an event – we’d just launched our organic vegan chocolate brand and she was fascinated by the personal health story behind it.

We had no idea this would work in the press. As a new business, we hadn’t even thought about media consultancy or PR.

Helen was such a sweet soul and offered to work up a pitch on our behalf regardless. We couldn’t believe it when we saw ourselves and The Veda Soul Company splashed across three pages of Vegan Living magazine.

It was a dream come true! Helen really is a breath of fresh air.”

Mani Hirani, co-founder, The Veda Soul Company


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